Newborn sleeping bag

Unique newborn sleeping bag, specially designed for the first months. The perfect fit around the neck, chest and arms and no scratch mittens, this newborn sleeping bag is very comfortable for your baby.


Newborn sleeping bag


Hopper newborn

Hopper Newborn is not just a sleeping bag for your baby. This baby sleeping bag has elastic around the waist to prevent your child from sinking into the newborn sleeping bag. The sleeping bag baby is made from 100% cotton which is very soft and breathable.

No scratch mitten

Because you can open the bag at the bottom it's very easy to change your baby. In addition, the sleeping bag baby has a novelty: you can fold the sleeves into anti-no scratch mittens. This makes the newborn sleeping bag with anti-no scratch mittens also perfect for children with a skin allergy or insect hives. The newborn sleeping bags are available in five variants.