Baby slippers and baby booties

Our famous lined baby slippers have a perfect fit and are love by parents because they stay on. View here all Lodger baby slippers.

Comfortable lined baby slippers made of fleece, cotton and leather

Our soft and comfortable lined baby slippers have a perfect fit and stay on every baby's feet. The baby slippers are made of flexible materials which are comfortable. Besides, the biggest sizes have anti slip soles, which give your baby extra grip to crawl and walk. Our collection consists of leather baby shoes, cotton slippers and fleece baby slippers.

First walking shoes

The Lodger leather baby shoes are perfect first walking shoes. Is your baby already standing? The first steps will come soon. Make sure the baby slippers have a perfect fit and an anti slip sole. This gives your baby the ability to walk. 

Baby booties with anti-slip

We think it's very important to create baby booties, even for newborn babies. Your baby can safely take it's first steps with our baby booties. Due to the anti-slip layer, your baby can walk safe and comfortably. Go for baby booties in size 6-12 or 12-18 M with an anti-slip layer to prevent your baby from falling or slipping.

Baby slippers

Baby slippers will keep your baby's feet nice and warm, therefore your baby will feel comfortable during winter. Our fleece baby slippers are perfect to wear during winter, because they are windproof. Due to the elastic and handy heel loop, the baby booties are easy to put on.

Baby slippers for girls

At Lodger, we have a broad product range of baby slippers for girls in different materials, like leather, cotton and fleece. The baby slippers for girls are very cute, due to the timeless colours. Is your baby already taking it's first steps? Go for baby slippers girls with an anti-slip layer or pick our leather baby booties. Perfect as first walking shoes!

Baby slippers for boys

Baby slippers for boys are very comfortable, due to the perfect fit and high quality materials. Are you going for cool leather baby booties or the warmer version when going outside? Every baby slipper for boys will fit your style, you just have to pick the right colour.