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Product specifications

  • What is Oeko-tex?

    Oeko-tex® Standard 100 is a certification that products receive when they have been tested and found to be safe for possible hazardous substances for children. Lodger therefore ensures that almost all our products have this certification.

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  • What is TOG?

    TOG is short for Thermal Overall Grade. It indicates the heat of a sleeping bag or blanket. The higher the grade, the warmer the product. The TOG-guideline is developed to prevent babies from overheating. Want to know more about TOG? Read more

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  • Can you give me more information about the sizes?

    We use the usual sizes for our baby clothing, as shown in the following chart. We also have specific size charts for baby slippers, snowsuits and hats in order for you to assess the right fit for your child. View all size charts here.



    Child's length

    0-1 months 


    45 - 50 cm 

    1-2 months


    51 - 56 cm 

    2-4 months


    57 - 62 cm 

    4-6 months 


    63 - 68 cm 

    6-9 months


    69 - 74 cm 

    9-12 months


    75 - 80 cm 

    12-18 months 


    81 - 86 cm 

    18-24 months 


    87 - 92 cm 

    2-3 years


    93 - 98 cm

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  • What are the washing instructions?

    Lodger products are either made of 100% cotton or Polyester. You will find the washing label on the inside of your product.To keep your products in great quality we have the following washing advise.

    To prevent cotton from shrinking we advice to soak your product in cold water for 2 hours before washing it at 40°C. Bedding products, like sleeping bags, fitted sheets, blankets can be washed on 60°C, when it is really dirty. We only recommend to tumbly dry our cotton products. We discourage the use of fabric softener.

    Sleeping bags and swaddle sleepsacks can be washed inside out in a closed washing bag on 40°C in the washing machine.

    Polyester can best be washed by hand or a maximum of 40°C in the washing machine. We really discourage the use of a dryer.

    Products like the Bunker and Mini Bunker can be washed individually or closed really well. Due to the velcro straps, it can prevent damaging other products.

    Our leather baby shoes can best be cleaned by steaming with water and very softly make clean with a Suede brush. We always recommend to go to a shoe maker for more advise.

    When you deviate from our washing instructions, we cannot take responsibility when your products has been damaged.

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  • What are the draw strings for on the Wrapper?

    By tightening the draw strings, you can easily make a hood. Babies namely loose most of their heat via their heads. Please make sure that the draw strings are stowed away correctly in the special pockets.

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  • I can't choose between the Wrapper made of fleece and the Wrapper made of cotton.

    They are two different products which complement one another greatly. The Wrapper cotton is primarily designed as a wrap cape to keep your child warm while feeding or during a maternity visit. You can also use the Wrapper as a play mat in the play pen.  The fleece Wrapper is larger and is designed to keep your baby warm when travelling in the cot and is also ideally suited as play mat for indoors or outdoors.

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About products

  • What are muslin blankets?

    A muslin blanket is essential in your baby layette. Muslin blanket, also named as muslin squares, are made of hydrophilic cotton which is soft and breathable for your baby. The swaddles are available in different sizes like 70x70 cm and 120x120 cm. You can use the blankets for almost anything.

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  • How can I use muslin blankets?

    You can use these muslin blankets for so many things, like a blanket, burp cloth, playmat, cover up or as protection for the sun, wind or rain. Does your baby have restless nights? Try to swaddle your baby with a muslin square. You can find the instructions here. Read more about all the ways you can use a muslin blankets our blog, even when your children are older!

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  • What are Swaddle Clips?

    Swaddle clips are handy clips which can be used to attach a muslin blanket to a maxi cosi or stroller. The swaddle blanket stays put and can protect your baby from the sun, wind or rain. Pay attention to not completely covering the maxi cosi or stroller. It is very important that there is a air circulation, otherwise it gets too hot too quickly. Use the Swaddle clips to attach a play toy or cuddle toy to the box, stroller or maxi cosi. Your baby can play for a few more hours and you do not lose a single thing anymore.

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  • Does my child need to wear a jacket if I go outside with them in the Wrapper?

    In principle, the Wrapper replaces your child's jacket. Because the Wrapper is easy to open and close you can regulate the child's temperature quite well. If you go outside with the Wrapper you do not need to dress your child extra warmly. If it is nice weather outside you may also partially fold open the Wrapper. Because the Wrapper is made with 100% polyester knitted fleece, the material has a very high level of air permeability and good heat regulation.

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  • Is a Bunker not too warm in the summertime?

    This four season foot muff consists of two parts. A soft, removable inner lining (Booster) and a warm outer layer. By using the two layers together or separately the Bunker is suitable for many different weather conditions. On cold, harsh winter days, you use them both together. If it's a bit less cold, you can use just the fleece foot muff without the inner lining. Is all you need a soft little seat for in the summertime, then you can use only the inner lining. The Bunker is made of knitted fleece, which is especially developed for Lodger and uniquely permeable to air and breathes well.

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  • Can the Bunker be used in any pram or buggy?

    The Bunker is a universal foot muff and can be used in any pram or buggy with a 5-point harness. In this way, you can make extra long use of the Bunker, because when you go from using a pram to a buggy you can keep using the same Bunker.

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  • What are the draw strings for on my Bunker?

    By pulling on the draw strings you can fashion a hood. Babies loose most of their heat via their heads. By simply drawing the strings, and placing them in the special pockets, you can safely cover your baby's head so that he is protected against the cold weather whenever necessary. When it is cold, your baby can always be safe and warm in their foot muff.

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  • How long can I continue using a Bunker?

    Because the Bunker is a universal and multifunctional foot muff, you can use it for a very long time. When you are no longer using the pram and your child is still in the buggy, you can still use your foot muff in it. As long as your child is still in a buggy, you can guaranteed enjoy the Bunker. Compare this with other foot muffs, which you can only use for a few months or a year.

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  • What is the difference between the Bunker and other foot muffs?

    The Bunker is a variation on the Wrapper which uses the same wrap method. Using this simple wrap method the Bunker can easier to use than other foot muffs with for example zippers. To place your child in the buggy, all you have to do is fold over the fleece parts and your child is in place. The whole Bunker opens and closes easily with Velcro; no grabbing for shoes, socks or pieces of biscuits. And when you go inside, all you need to do is open the Bunker.

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  • What is a sleepsack swaddle?

    A sleepsack swaddle makes it easier to swaddle your baby when it is time to sleep. Some babies have difficulties sleeping at night, due to the arms and legs or just feeling unsafe. This sleeping bag is specially designed for swaddling your baby, which can help your baby sleep. Pay attention: there are many causes of babies, who have difficulties sleeping. Please, always contact your doctor about this.

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  • How to add a product review?

    Every month, we reward selected reviews with a €75,- Lodger gift voucher. Write a review in three simple steps:

    1. Navigate to the product you want to write a review for
    2. Scroll down to the reviews section and click on the "write a review" button
    3. Give a rating, fill in the form and click on submit to save your review

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