17 March 2023

Baby born in summer, what do I need?

When your baby is born in summer it might be difficult to find products that keep your baby warm and safe, but not too warm obviously. So, what breathable baby products do you need? We will give you some tips below.

Summer sleeping bag

A summer sleeping bag is a true must-have item to give your baby a good sleep in the summer. A summer sleeping bag is made of breathable and airy cotton, which provides a great comfort for your baby. Choose a newborn sleeping bag with sleeves and scratch mittens or a sleeping bag without sleeves.

Bodysuits made of cotton

Shop multiple bodysuits with short and long sleeves. Long sleeves in summer? Yes! Newborn babies have difficulties with their own temperature, so it is important to have both when your baby is too cold. Choose bodysuits made of natural materials like cotton. Cotton feels very soft and comfortable on the skin of your newborn. Besides, a wrap bodysuit is very easy to dress your newborn baby. So get those bodysuits!

Baby hooded towel

Did your newborn had a nice bath? Even in summer, it is important to wrap your baby in a hooded towel after a bath. This will prevent your baby from decreasing the body temperature. A hooded towel that is made of 100% cotton is very absorbent and dries your baby quickly, without getting cold.

Swaddle blankets and clips

Swaddle blankets are perfect for summer. Not only because they are absorbent, soft and breathable. But also because you can use them in so many ways. Go outside with your baby? Take a few swaddles and clips with you. Curious in what ways to use a swaddle in summer? Read our blog

Breathable baby blanket

Let your baby sleep underneath a breathable baby blanket which is made of muslin cotton. This baby blanket is made of two layers of woven cotton, which makes them breathable and absorbent. Perfect for summer. Due to the open woven structure, your baby does not get too sweaty fast. Use a muslin blanket in the crib, travel cot or buggy.

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