15 May 2022

16 ways to use a swaddle muslin in summer

Swaddles are made of breezy and soft material and are super absorbing, so the perfect must-have for summer. You can use swaddles in so many ways in and round your house, but also on the go. The hydrophilic cloths weigh close to nothing and take little space, so perfect to bring in your diaper bag or suitcase. Read our tips below to make optimal use of your muslin blankets in summer. On the go and at home. 

1. You can use a muslin perfectly as play mat or picnic blanket at the beach, on the campsite or at home in your garden.

2. Oops! You’re on the road and you need to change your baby’s diaper. Use an XL muslin on the ground, picnic table or at the changing table in a public restroom. In this way, you make sure your baby lies on a clean surface.

3. Is your getting baby tired or is it time for a nap when travelling? Use a swaddle as a blanket wherever you are. Also handy to use as a thin blanket in the camping cot. 

4. Use a muslin as burp cloth when you are on the road. Tip: lay a swaddle blanket under your baby in the car seat. This will save you a lot of cleaning when your baby is carsick. 

5. In any case it is smart to use a muslin as a car seat cover, especially in a lighter colour. In this way, your car seat stays cool when your car is parked in direct sunlight. On top of that, the hydrophilic cotton absorbs moist so your baby won’t be dampy.

6. Breastfeeding without having the camping neighbours looking at you and your baby. Use a muslin for some privacy. Perfect for hot days due to the breathable fabric.

7. Protect your baby from direct sunlight while napping in the pushchair by loosely draping a swaddle between the canopy and handle bar of your stroller. Attach the Swaddle with handy Swaddle Clips. Always make sure that you don’t cover the complete carrycot and that there is enough fresh air. On very hot days, use an umbrella to prevent overheating. Also, make sure to protect your baby by using sunscreen with SPF. 

8. Attach a muslin blanket to the car window as a sunshade. Also handy when your kids are a bit older.

9. Cover the mattress of your baby’s (camping) bed with a swaddle. In this way, you keep everything clean and you don’t have to wash the bed-linen all the time. It saves you a lot of time if you only have to wash a muslin cloth and the fabric dries very quickly.

10. Does your newborn has a hard time falling asleep when it is warm? Try swaddling your baby with an XL muslin square. Read more about swaddling your baby in this blog post.

11. Enjoying an ice cream in the sun but did you forget to bring a bib? Use a swaddle as bib to avoid smudging ;)

12. Is your little one a bit bored? Play hide and seek with a muslin blanket to cheer your baby up. Or use a swaddle as security blanket for your baby to play with.

Muslins are not only handy for your baby, but also for yourself. Did you know you could use them for all kinds of things yourself as well?

13. Did you know that a swaddle dries extremely fast? Perfect to use as a towel at the beach or at the pool! Not only for your baby, but also for yourself. Our insider tip is to use a swaddle to dry off your hair after taking a shower because it’s so soft and absorbing.

14. Forgot to bring a dishcloth or tea towel? Use a swaddle in the kitchen. Not your newest one of course, it would be a shame to maybe ruin it ;)

15. Did you trip over tiny cobblestones on holiday? Wrap an ice pack or ice cubes in a muslin blanket and use it to cool the bruised area. 

16. Mommy can use an XL swaddle perfectly as a sarong on the beach of as a headscarf to tame luscious locks. 

Swaddle muslin are multifunctional and perfect to use while you are on vacation or at home this summer. And the upside is, you can use them for your baby and for yourself, your partner or older kids. So make sure you take a bunch of swaddles with you in your suitcase when travelling!