15 April 2023

Baby born in Spring, what do I need?

When your baby arrives in Spring, it might be difficult to find the right products to keep your baby safe and warm, but not too warm. That is why to prepare for warm and cold spring days and nights.


Get you bodysuits with long and short sleeves. Bodysuits are made of 100% knitted cotton, which is very comfortable and breathable. Go for a bodysuit that features a wrap, which makes it easy to dress newborns.

Muslin baby sleeping bag

A muslin sleeping bag is a true must-have to give your baby the best sleep when it is hot. The sleeveless baby sleeping bag is breathable and comfortable in spring and summer. During colder spring nights, you can put a long sleeved bodysuit or pajama underneath the sleep sack. The zipper of the sleeping bag opens all the way to the botten, to provide easy diaper changes.

Cotton baby beanie

When your baby is born it is important to use a cotton hat to keep your baby’s head warm. Babies have difficulties regulating their body temperature. Our beanies are perfect because they are made of knitted cotton. Knitted cotton provides a breathable, warm and very soft comfort.


A blanket might be too warm in spring, so you could also use a muslin blanket wich is also called swaddle. A swaddle is made of 100% muslin cotton, which makes them lightweight, breathable, absorbent and soft. Do you know in what many ways you can use a swaddle? Read more about swaddles.

Soft wrap blanket

Due to the temperature changes, you defintely need a soft wrap blanket for your spring baby. Your baby can sleep comfortable in a wrap blanket in the playpen or maxi cosi. Our wrap blanket is suitable in the maxi cosi due to the opening on the back. This way, you can easily take your baby with you to everything while your baby stays warm and comfy.

Baby slippers

Baby slippers keep the feet of your baby warm. Baby slipper give comfort and have a perfect fit, which stays on the feet. This way, you never lose a baby slipper anymore!