31 March 2021

The best muslin blanket lifehacks for the summer

Muslin blankets are life savers when you have a baby. A big muslin square got a size of 120x120 cm, which can be used on different things than a small swaddle with size 70x70 cm. Muslin blankets are not only available in a white colour, but also in many different colours and prints! Do you know why muslin blankets are so handy? We have listed all life hacks for you.

Swaddle size 120x120 cm

  1. Use a swaddle as towel after bathing or swimming. Due to the muslin cotton, the swaddle dries very quickly.
  2. Wrap your baby in a swaddle wrap blanket when you go for a check up
  3. Handy fitted sheet when you are on the way or just at home. This way, you have extra protection and does not need to change the sheet every time
  4. Use a muslin blanket for influencers from weather and other people by attaching the muslin to the stroller or maxi cosi. Make sure you do not completely cover the stroller or maxi cosi, you baby needs fresh air.
  5. After bathing you can wipe clean the bath, which will absorb any oils or shower gels. Fast and easy!
  6. When your baby fell asleep outside, you can use the swaddle as breathable and airy blanket. This way, your baby feels comfortable and warm when it is getting a bit more breezy.
  7. You create extra privacy when you are breastfeeding Use the swaddle as playmat in the grass, garden or in a parc

Swaddle blanket with size 70x70 cm

  1. Use the small blanket on a changing pad for extra protection
  2. Use as burp cloth - put a swaddle on your shoulder when your baby needs to burp
  3. Did you know that a wet swaddle blanket gives extra grip, which makes it easy to shower with your baby. Perfect to use as big washcloth
  4. You can use a small swaddle as bib when your baby during lunch, dinner or when you are eating an ice cream
  5. Cover for maxi cosi or car seat for extra protection
  6. Due to the small size you can easily take the swaddle in your bag. This way, you always have a cloth when there is an accident or something else