31 January 2021

Five original baby gift ideas

Congratulations! Your friend is expecting a baby or maybe even gave birth already! It might be difficult to go on a maternity visit these days, but you can still surprise the brand new parents with a nice baby gift! Sometimes, picking a gift can be quite difficult. In this blog, we provide you with five original baby gift ideas. Continue reading to find out more!

Diaper cake made out of muslin cloths

Looking for an original baby shower gift? Create a diaper cake out of muslin cloths instead of diapers. A diaper cake has the shape of a pie and is made of diapers. Roll up the baby swaddles and fasten them with a ribbon. Put the rolled up muslin swaddles against each other, in the shape of a circle and tie them together with a beautiful ribbon. You can also use other shapes for your diaper cake.

Ready-to-use gifts for a newborn

Are you having a difficult time selecting gifts for a baby gift set? Buy a ready-to-use baby shower gift set! A ready-made baby gift set is very convenient because you don’t have to worry about picking different gifts for your baby basket: you just have to pick a baby gift set and colour! Go for a baby shower gift that suits the parents, as well as the baby and have it delivered directly to the required address. It’s also nice to give together with friends, family and colleagues.

Baby clothing

Baby clothing is always suitable as a baby gift, because babies are growing really quick. Parents tend to buy all products for the first few weeks themselves, so make sure to buy clothes in a bigger size. You can gift a wrap around bodysuit which has a snap button fastening on the front, combine this with a baby sleeping bag. You can also gift a cute baby jumpsuit. Combine this with a clothing hanger with the baby’s name written on it to create a personalised baby gift!

Hydrophilic blanket as gift wrap

Hydrophilic blankets are multifunctional, you can use them as a burp cloth, a towel to dry your baby, a blanket or to swaddle, but you can also use it to wrap your newborn gift! Tie a swaddle around your gift for a unique look.

Baby gift? Don’t forget the parents!

Don’t forget the parents when buying a baby present. Both parents will have their hands full with their little one. That deserves a gift! Put together a “survivalkit” with a few facemasks, a nice bodylotion and some special beers.


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