5 October 2022

Baby bodysuits: discover the advantages for your baby and you

Sometimes it can be quite difficult to dress a newborn baby. A baby bodysuit makes dressing up and changing your baby a lot more fun and easier. Not only for yourself, but also for your baby. Discover all benefits of baby bodysuits in our blog.

How to use a baby bodysuit

Position the baby onesie on the changing pad so that the collar is pointing in the same direction as your baby’s head. Place your baby on the bodysuit and direct your attention to the sleeves. Gently pull your baby’s arm through one sleeve and repeat this process for the other arm. Wrap one side of the baby bodysuit around your baby and snap the buttons. Wrap the other side around your baby and snap the buttons on the side. Finally, snap the buttons on the bottom.

Ease of diaper chance and dressing up

Due to the handy fold-over design and snap buttons, you can easily dress and undress your baby without having to pull the romper over its head. This is not only safer because of the fragile head, but also more hygenic when changing diapers. Does your baby have diarrhoea? You can easily undress your baby without your baby or its hair getting dirty.

Soft baby bodysuits made of 100% cotton

Baby bodysuits are used as undergarments, so they need to feel comfortable and soft. Baby bodysuits made of 100% knitted cotton are very soft and stretchy which is perfect for your baby’s fragile skin. Due to the open structure, the baby romper is soft, breathable and absorbing.

Baby rompers with perfect fit

The fit is also very important. Most rompers are designed with ease of diaper change and provide extra space for the nappy and legs. Make sure to check if the collar of the baby romper isn’t too high. Most wrap around baby bodysuits do not have this problem, because they have a V-line, so the collar feels comfortable around your baby’s neck.

Short sleeve bodysuit or long sleeve bodysuit

A short sleeve or long sleeve bodysuit can be used as an extra layer of clothing or underneath a pajama or baby sleeping bag. A baby romper can also look very cute as a top, combined with a bloomer or skirt. Read more about short sleeve and long sleeve bodysuits here.