23 September 2022

Learning how to crawl: consider baby slippers with anti-slip soles

Did you know that good baby slippers make sure your baby learns how to crawl safely? It is really important to find baby slippers that fit properly and have good grip. Read more about baby slippers for babies learning how to crawl.

When does my baby learn how to crawl?

Between six and ten months old, most babies become a lot more mobile. All babies develop at their own pace. At first they will get up on their arms, while their belly is still on the ground. After that, babies will get up on all fours and start moving.

Baby slippers with anti slip soles

Your baby will need baby slippers with good support at the ankles and sole. The rubber no-slip soles on our baby shoes size 6-12M provide a safe grip when learning how to crawl. They will also prevent your baby from slipping. Go for baby slippers with an elastic band around the ankle and a press button or Velcro closing.

Non slip baby slippers made of fleece, leather or cotton

Your baby’s feet will stay warm during cold days with fleece baby slippers or leather slippers lined with fleece. Does your baby learn how to crawl during summer? A baby slipper made of breathable cotton will do. Ofcourse, cotton baby slippers also contain anti slip soles.

Once your baby will start taking its first steps, baby slippers with non-slip soles are very convenient. Read more about your baby’s first steps here.