11 October 2022

First walking shoes for my baby: what to keep in mind?

It is a huge milestone when your baby is taking their first steps and learning to walk. For taking the first safe steps it is important to purchase good quality first walking shoes or slippers. Make sure to always choose slippers with grip soles, which makes it safe when learning to walk. Do you know what to keep in mind when purchasing first walking shoes? Read more...

Baby slippers with a perfect fit

Babies need baby slippers or shoes that are firm and flexible in order to learn to walk properly. Baby shoes with a good fit features enough space for the toes and fits well around the heel and ankle. This provides support and a firm fit. This way the baby’s feet stay in place while taking the first steps. Choose flexible material that moves comfortably with your baby’s feet.

Learning to walk safely due to grip sole

Of course, you do not want your baby to slip when learning to walk. For safety, it is important to purchase baby slippers or first walking shoes with a grip sole that is made of rubber. This gives a good grip and prevents your baby from slipping and hurting themselves. Lastly, make sure to get a flexible sole so your baby can unwind the feet properly while walking.

Baby slippers with a velcro closing

You probably do not want your baby to lose their shoe while learning to walk. A velcro closing that fits tightly around the ankle, will make sure that the slippers stay on. Also, a velcro closing makes it possible to adjust the shoes to your baby’s feet, so the baby shoes will never be too tight or too loose. Lastly, parents easily take on and off the shoes, but your baby cannot take them off easily due to the velcro closing.

First walking shoes made of leather

To teach your baby to walk, always choose baby shoes or slippers made of soft materials like leather. Leather baby shoes keep the baby’s feet warm. Due to the breathable material, the feet of your baby do not get too sweaty. The leather material forms to the feet, so leather baby shoes give great support during the first steps.