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7 March 2024

Guaranteed sleeping comfort for your child with the Lodger Hopper 4 Seasons sleeping bag

Sleep like a rose, no matter the season? That is possible with the ultimate sleeping solution: the 4 seasons sleeping bag with 3.5 TOG from Lodger. This design consists of two layers: an outer layer, an inner layer with a removable hydrophilic sleeping bag 0.3 TOG. This is ideal to use during hot summer months. When you remove it, you will have a 3.2 TOG sleeping bag. 

Because of this, the product is usable during every season and is it past time to buy multiple sleeping bags. This innovative sleeping bag 4 Seasons offers not only comfort the whole year, but it is also fully customizable with the growth of your baby. Also, you don’t have any problems anymore with loose blankets or extra layers that can slip away.

Let’s see why this is the perfect sleeping solution for both parents and children.


Grows with you from baby to toddler

As the sleeping bags are simply zipped together, the 4-season sleeping bag stays in place throughout its length. They each have their color zips so there is no confusion when merging. And that is what makes this four-season sleeping bag so special. Thanks to handy snaps, you can adjust the sleeping bag to your child's height. That means you no longer need to buy a new sleeping bag every few months. You invest in a sleeping solution that lasts from 4 months to 36 months (size 98). Good for the environment and your wallet!


Convenient split zip for easy changing

Thanks to the four-season sleeping bag's divisible zip with three closers, changing is a breeze. All you have to do is slide the dividable zips for easy nappy access. This way, you don't have to take the sleeping bag half off, so your child is still warm. Ideal!

Safety above all

The 4-season sleeping bag has a perfect fit and ensures a snug fit at the neck and arms. As it is made of 100% high-quality and breathable cotton, it ensures optimal air circulation and safety. Thanks to the cotton, the fabric also feels wonderfully soft on your child's skin. 

In addition, this sleeping bag can be used in car seats and Maxi Cosi. How does it work? The divisible zips make it easy to create an opening so you can easily clip on the belt. This way, you can easily take your child from the car seat to the bed and vice versa, without disturbing your child. Safety comes first!


Advantages of the 4-season sleeping bag

Discover here the convenient advantages of the Lodger Hopper 4-season sleeping bag.

• Durable purchase due to long use 
• Grows from baby to toddler
• Car seat sleeping bag thanks to dividable zips
• Quick and easy nappy changing thanks to the dividable zips
• Simple push buttons to determine size
• Removable hydrophilic sleeping bag
• Jersey cotton: breathable and soft


Our customers are also very satisfied with the Lodger Hopper 4-season sleeping bag. Just read the reviews below!

Tabitha - Very happy with this sleeping bag. My child is quite tall but slim so sleeping bags are either too short or too big. Very nice that this sleeping bag can be made smaller with the push buttons, grows with me, but I don't have to buy a new one every season. The fabric is nice and soft. And ideal that the sleeping bag can stay on in the car seat. Recommend it!

Diana - Good quality and nice comfort for the baby. Can be used in all weather conditions, from cold to warm. Ideal also for use in prams and car seats. The sleeping bag grows with the child. I know from experience that this sleeping bag will last a long time.

Charlotte - Very nice sleeping bag that can be adjusted for warmth. And very nice that you don't have to take it off when you get in the car with the little one at night.

Not only our customers are satisfied with our 4-season sleeping bag. At the Negenmaandenbeurs, the Lodger sleeping bag was declared the winner of the Consumer Award. Naturally, we are very proud of that!


Discover years of sleeping pleasure with the Lodger Hopper 4-season sleeping bag

In the 4-season sleeping bag, your little one can sleep soundly every night and every season. Thanks to the innovative design with its dividable zip and push buttons for adjustment, this sleeping bag is ideal to use. Will you go for Beige, Peppermint, Rose, or Steel? Choose now for years of sleeping comfort in a single sleeping bag! 

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