16 February 2022

TOG value: how to use a sleeping bag in spring

The weather is changing a lot in spring. Most of the days there is rain and thunder. The warm temperatures are still far away. Luckily, the sun is coming through here and there. This makes it even more difficult to determine what your baby will wear during a sleep. TOG values are a handy direction when you are choosing a sleeping bag. Read more to discover our tips. 

Breathable sleeping bag for warm nights

When it is getting warmer outside, it is smart to shop a breathable baby sleeping bag with a TOG value of 0.5. When this might be too cold but you can always combine the sleeping bag with a pajama or blanket to increase the TOG value. This way, your baby sleeps great on cooler spring days and you already have a muslin sleeping bag for the hot summer nights!

Baby sleeping bag with detachable sleeves

Did you know that a baby sleeping bag with detachables sleeves are handy for the changing weather? In a second you’ll turn the winter sleeping bag into a breathable sleeping bag that you’ll combine with a wrapover bodysuit. Our sleeping bag with detachable sleeves has a TOG value of 2.3. Perfect purchase if you don’t know what sleeping bag you need.

Sleeping bag baby to sleep comfortably 

Is the nursery too cold or your baby gets cold easily? Our winter sleeping bag provides lots of benefits vor spring. Due to the lined cotton your baby stays warm. This sleeping bag also has detachable sleeves. Combine with an absorbent bodysuit so your baby doesn’t get too sweaty.

TOG values

It is important to keep checking your baby and change the layers. You will know quickly what your baby prefers and need. TOG value is just a guideline, however, there are always exceptions. Want to know more? Read more about TOG values. 

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