26 March 2021

The 8 benefits of a baby sleeping bag

A good night sleep is important for you and your baby. A baby sleeping bag makes it difficult for your baby to stand up or get on the tummy. This way, your baby sleeps safely! For you, we have listed all benefits of a baby sleeping bag:

    1. Your baby cannot come underneath a blanket, because you do not need a blanket;
    2. Due to the special fit around the arms and neck, the sleeping bag is safe to use;
    3. Your baby stays warm, including the feet;
    4. Your baby feels comfortable and secure in the sleeping bag;
    5. Create a night ritual while dressing the sleeping bag;
    6. Shop a sleeping bag with a zipper that zips all the way to the back. This prevent toddlers from climbing out of cot that easily;
    7. Buy a sleeping bag with a zipper that opens all the way to the back. This makes changing diapers very easy;
    8. The cotton fabric provides a very breathable and absorbent comfort.



There are many different baby sleeping bags available. We have listed the most famous baby sleeping bags.

Hopper Newborn

Directly from birth, your baby sleeps comfortable and safe in a newborn sleeping bag, which is made of super soft knitted cotton. Knitted cotton provides a breathable and flexible material that fits well around the arms and neck. Lastly, the newborn sleeping bag features scratch mittens, which prevent your baby from scratching.

Hopper Sleeveless

A summer sleeping bag with 0.5 TOG is perfect to use in summer. This sleeping bag is made of 100% muslin cotton, which is very absorbent and breathable. The zipper opens all the way to the bottom, which provides easy diaper changes.

Hopper Sleeves

This lined baby sleeping bag features detachable sleeves and is made of cotton. The baby sleeping bag has a zipper with three closures, which makes them suitable for the car seat and maxi cosi. The zipper opens all the way to the back for easy diaper changes.