11 March 2021

Pajama or sleeping bag: what is the best choice for your baby?

Of course, you want to give your baby the best and most comfortable sleep, during day and night. To make sure that your baby feels great, it is important to choose the best products to dress your baby. This could be a sleeping bag, pajama or combination of the two. Read more about how to determine what products are the best to give your baby the best sleep.

When does my baby sleep in a pajama?

Newborn babies need to sleep multiple times a day. During the day babies often sleep in the clothes they wear, but this is not always very comfortable. If your baby gets older and wears clothes like jeans, then it is important to choose a pajama to make your baby feel comfortable in bed. This is most likely when you choose a super soft pajama made of 100% cotton. Underneath the pajama your baby can wear a bodysuit with long or short sleeves. For extra comfort and warmth you combine a baby pajama with a baby blanket or sleeping bag.

When does my baby sleep in a sleeping bag?

Immediately after birth, it is possible that your baby sleeps in a sleeping bag. A sleeping bag gives a newborn baby a very safe feeling. If your baby is going to move a lot more, we obviously recommend using a sleeping bag. In a sleeping bag your baby will stay warm and sleep safely. Depending on the nursery temperature and TOG value, you can determine what clothes your baby needs to wear underneath a sleeping bag. This could be a baby pajama and a bodysuit or just a bodysuit with short or long sleeves. Read more about TOG-values.

Combine a baby sleeping bag and pajama

You do not always have to choose between a baby sleeping bag or pajama, you could also combine them. When it is cold at night, you can dress your baby in a warm sleeping bag with a pajama and bodysuit underneath. Also, when it is warmer your baby sleeps great in a pajama combined with a breathable summer sleeping bag. You can create endless combinations with baby sleeping bags, baby pajamas and bodysuits.

Are you using a pajama or sleeping bag for your baby?