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24 February 2021

My baby will not sleep: the best baby products for a good night sleep

Probably every parent has searched on Google: ‘my baby will not sleep, what to do?’ Many babies wake up in the middle of the night because they are too hot, too cold or just not comfortable. Therefore it is important to choose comfortable baby products. This might give your baby a better sleep, which will result in an increase of your own quality of sleep as well;-)

Choose the best sleep sack for a good night's rest

A baby tend to feel safe and sound in a soft baby sleep sack that fits well around the neck and arms. Your baby sleeps better when they feel safe. In the winter a sleep sack keeps your baby warm. And in the summer you have to choose a summer sleeping bag to prevent your baby from getting overheated. Choosing the right baby sleep sack is essential for a good night’s rest. Read more about choosing the best baby sleep sack.

Soft baby bodysuits and baby pajama

To give your baby a great sleep, it is important that the sleep suit is comfortable. Choose a baby bodysuit made of soft and breathable materials, like knitted cotton. Knitted cotton provides a soft and breathable comfort. A super soft baby pajama with a perfect fit is always a good idea to purchase.

Breathable fitted crib sheets: soft for your baby

It is probably not the first thing that pops up in your mind, but good fitted crib sheets also provides a good sleep for your baby. Your baby's head lays down on the fitted crib sheets, that makes it is important to choose super soft material, like knitted cotton.