10 September 2023

The best baby sleeping bag: How do I find it?

The following factors are important when you choose the best sleeping bag: size, safety, TOG value, material and function. We will explain in the following paragraphs.

The right size baby sleeping bag

A sleeping bag in the right size is important to give your baby a safe and comfortable sleep. Often, baby sleeping bags have double sizes. You can determine which size you need by measuring the height of your baby. View our size table here. Pay attention: the baby sleeping bag must fit well around the neck. Also, it is important that the holes for the arms are not too big. At last, your baby needs to have plenty room to move around in the bottom.

A baby sleeping bag with the right TOG value

You choose a sleeping bag with the right TOG value by looking at the room temperature. The perfect temperature for the nursery is 18 degrees. However, this is not always possible. When the temperature drops, you need a higher TOG value. In this table you can find the right TOG values comparing with room temperatures. Every baby is different, so always makes sure to check your baby on a regular basis.

The right baby sleeping bag for the season

When the weather changes a lot, it might be difficult to determine which sleeping bag you need. We are looking forward to helping you with making the right decision.

  • Winter sleeping bag: a lovely warm and lined sleeping bag with 3.3 TOG
  • 4 seasons sleeping bag: perfect sleeping bag for winter, fall and spring with 2.3 TOG.
  • Summer sleeping bag: perfect for summer due to the breathable cotton and 0.5 TOG.

Always keep an eye on the temperature of the nursery.

Baby sleeping bag for Maxi Cosi

It might be convenient to choose a sleeping bag which is suitable in the Maxi Cosi. If you often put your baby from the Maxi Cosi to bed or the other way around, choose a sleeping with three closures. With a zipper with three closures you can create openings for the belt of the Maxi Cosi. View here how you can use our sleeping bag in the Maxi Cosi.

The material of a sleeping bag

Alway choose breathable and absorbent material when you are buying a sleepin gbag. You need to keep in mind that a baby body has to keep a certain temperature. A cotton baby sleeping bag is always a good choice.

A safe sleeping bag

What is a safe sleeping bag? It is important to choose the right size for your baby. Also, by choosing the right material and TOG value for the season and room temperature. Lastly, the sleeping bag must have a zipper that goes downward.

In conclusion, you choose the best sleeping bag by checking your baby, seasons and your own preferences.

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