10 September 2023

How to find the best baby sleeping bag?

You choose the best baby sleeping bag by considering several factors such as the right size, safety, TOG value, material, and function. 


The right size for the baby's sleeping bag

A sleeping bag baby in the right size is hugely important for your baby to sleep safely and comfortably. According to the length of your baby, you decide which size sleeping bag you need. Check our sleeping bag size chart below. The baby's sleeping bag must fit correctly at the upper body and neck. Also, the armholes should not be too broad. The underside of the sleeping bag needs to be wide enough so the legs can move freely. 

Baby sleeping bag with the right TOG value

You can decide which sleeping bag, with the correct TOG value, fits your baby by looking at the temperature in the baby's room. The ideal temperature is 18 degrees, but it is not always possible to realize this temperature. How lower the temperature is, how higher the TOG value needs to be, with a maximum of 4.0 TOG. Every child is different, hence it is always important to watch your baby and see if he or she is not hot or cold. 


The right baby sleeping bag for the season

When the weather changes all the time, it is sometimes difficult to decide which baby sleeping bag you need. We help you with making the right choice. 

Always keep an eye on the temperature of the nursery.

Baby sleeping bag for Maxi Cosi

What if you can have a sleeping bag that fits a Maxi Cosi? Well, we from Lodger have the correct answer for you. When you put your child regularly from bed to the car or otherwise, you can choose our sleeping bag with three closers. It’s very easy: you can make an opening for the straps of the Maxi Cosi.

A safe baby sleeping bag

When does a safe baby sleeping bag comply? It is important that you choose the right size for your baby and that you pay attention to the right material, TOG value for the season, and the temperature of the baby's room. Also, the sleeping bag needs a zipper that closes from top to bottom.


In short, you choose the best baby sleeping bag by looking closely at your baby, the seasons, and your preferences. 

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