20 February 2021

Tips to enjoy your baby sleeping bag even more

Spring is coming, but the weather is still changing. One day it is stormy and the other day it looks like spring due to the lovely sun. Be prepared for these changes in temperature by combining the baby sleeping bag with a bodysuit. This way, you can enjoy your baby sleeping bag for a longer time. How? We will show you!

Sleeping bag + sleeves

Always go for a sleeping bag with long sleeves when it is cold. Our winter sleeping bag with 2.3 TOG is lined and therefore perfect to use during colder nights. Dress your baby in a bodysuit with long sleeves and combine it with the sleeping bag. Or combine the baby sleeping bag with a pajama for even more warmth.

Sleeping bag + long sleeve bodysuit

Are temperatures rising but is it still too cold for bare arms? You can easily zip off the sleeves of the sleeping bag and combine it with a bodysuit with long sleeves. The romper feels comfortable due to the soft cotton that keeps the arms of your baby warm.

Sleeping bag + short sleeve bodysuit

Does your baby getting warm easily or does your baby sleep in a warmer nursery? Combine the sleeping bag with a short sleeve bodysuit. Choose a bodysuit made of breathable and airy cotton, which will prevent your baby from getting too warm.

Choose the right TOG value

Always keep the TOG value in mind to make sure your baby can sleep safely. The TOG guidelines are based on the temperature of your nursery. You can use the TOG-value to decide how to dress your baby when going to sleep. Do I need an extra blanket or maybe a warm pajama? Or maybe I need to take off a layer. Every baby is different and therefore it is important to always check the neck of your baby. So you can adapt to layers of clothing to your baby's needs. Read more about TOG-values here.


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