10 October 2022

Discover all benefits of a winter sleeping bag for your baby

In winter time, you want your baby to sleep safe, comfortable and warm as well. A winter sleeping bag makes all of this possible. With soft materials and a great fit we guarantee that your baby feels comfortable in a sleeping bag. At the same time, we make the life of moms and dads more ‘easygoing’ with our specially designed divisible zipper and detachable sleeves for instance. And of course we designed all sleeping bags in nice colours and fashionable prints because appearance also matters ;) Read more to discover the benefits of our sleeping bags for your baby and for you.


Straight from the car seat into the crib

When your baby falls asleep in the car, you probably want to put him to bed when you arrive at home. But your little one will likely wake up when getting reading for bed. That is why we designed a sleeping bag with divisible zipper so you can create openings for the harness of your maxi cosi or other car seat. This makes it easy to transfer your sleeping baby straight from the car seat into the crib without necessarily waking him up.


Easy diaper changes

The divisible zipper opens up all the way to the back of the sleeping bag so you can change the diaper without taking the sleeping bag off. In this way your baby stays nice and warm, even during diaper changes in a cold room when it is winter.

Safe and comfortable fit

As a parent you want your baby to sleep safely and not getting caught up or strangled into a sleeping bag. Important is to pick the right size sleeping bag for your child and also make sure the fit is suitable for your baby. Our winter sleeping bags have a great fit around your baby's arms and neck. The fitted design makes sure your baby feels comfortable and secure but at the same time give your baby enough space to move and develop.


Adjustable to all seasons due to detachable sleeves

By adding or removing the zip-off sleeves, you can easily adjust the sleeping bag to the temperature of the nursery. In the middle of the winter, attach the sleeves to the sleeping bag and dress your baby in a warm pajama under the sleeping bag. When it is getting warmer, you can perfectly combine the sleeveless sleeping bag with a short-sleeve bodysuit for exemple. Play around with different combinations to create your ideal sleeping bag. In this way you can use the sleeping bags in all seasons and you can longer enjoy and use the sleeping bag.


Mittens for warm hands and against scratches  

Newborn babies have super sharps nails and it often happens that a baby accidentally scratches himself when sleeping. To prevent scratching, our smallest size sleeping bag has fold-over sleeves to create anti-scratch mittens. Additional advantage is that your baby's hands stay warm in winter. 


Super soft and warm cotton

Comfort is extremely important so we use the softest knitted cotton for our sleeping bags. Your baby stays warm in this sleeping bag with 2,3 TOG but the breathable ability of the cotton fabric makes sure your baby won't be too warm. Next to that, the sleeping bag has a OEKO-TEX certification, this indicates that the fabric doesn't harm your child's health. So no problem if your baby decided to chew on the sleeves of the sleeping bag ;)

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