13 October 2022

Let your baby sleep comfortably in winter with these 3 tips

A cold winter is coming, but how do you make sure your baby sleeps comfortably when it's cold? With these 3 tips you can create a warm and safe sleeping environment for your baby. So you can sleep comfortably as well. 

1. Check the temperature in the nursery

Always keep an eye om the temperature in your baby's room. This should be between 16°C and 20°C, with 18°C as perfect temperature. A lot of new baby monitors have a built-in thermometer, but of course you can also use any other indoor thermometer. If you know the room temperature, you can decide which TOG rate you need to use. Read tip #3 and get to know more about TOG ratings.

2. Use your baby's neck as temperature indicator

In winter, it can be very cold at night and this can cause a drop in temperature in the nursery. This occurs often in somewhat older houses or poorly insulated houses. So it is wise to regularly feel the neck of your baby. The baby's neck should not feel clammy or cold. Add an extra layer of clothing or a blanket when your baby is too cold. When your baby feels too warm, just remove the blanket or a layer of clothing. 

3. Check the TOG value of blankets and sleeping bags

TOG is an indicator for the insulation value of sleeping bags and blankets. The higher the TOG-value, the more heat a product will hold. TOG value is a way to prevent overheating of babies and small children. Furthermore a baby that is too hot or too cold doesn’t sleep well and this will disturb your night's rest as well. So it is very important to know more about TOG-values so you can use the right products for your baby and your nursery temperature. 


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