16 April 2023

These tips will help your baby sleep when it is hot

It is getting warmer outside, the birds are singing and everyone seems happier. Of course you want do everything to keep your baby happy too. How is that possible when your baby is too hot in bed at night? A great sleep is important for your baby. Continue reading for our tips to give your baby the best night possible in the summer.

What should my baby wear when it is warm?

The best temperature for your baby to sleep in is between 16-20 degrees. In summer at home or on holiday, the room temperature often is a lot higher. So it is really important to avoid that your baby is getting too hot. We want to help you choose the best summer sleeping bag, which will keep your baby cool even in the warmest temperatures. Our Hopper summer sleeping bag is made of breathable hydrophilic cotton, which is perfect to use when it is hot.

Mostly at night, it is getting chillier. However, your baby needs to sleep during the day as well. Because of the bright sun during the day, it might get really hot inside. When the temperature higher than 23 degrees, your baby can sleep in a lightweight sleeping bag with only a diaper. The soft hydrophilic cotton of the sleeping sack is flexible and comfortable, even when wearing only a diaper underneath.

When the temperature of the baby's room is between 20-23 degrees, you can use a thin summer sleeping bag in combination with a short-sleeved baby bodysuit. If the temperature in the baby room decreases till around 20 degrees at night, you can combine the sleeping bag withn a long-sleeved baby bodysuit or a thin cotton pajama.


What is TOG-value?

All our summer sleeping bags have a TOG-value of 0,5, but what does this really mean? TOG means Thermal Overall Grade, which indicates the warmth of a baby sleeping sack or blanket. It is important for your baby that you will persist a certain TOG-value. Then you will prevent your baby from the risk of getting to warm. Depending on the TOG value, you can add layers until you have the right value. For example, when the room temperature is 20 degrees you can put on a baby bodysuit or thin pajama underneath the Lodger sleeping bag. Or you can build up the TOG-value by using a blanket. If your baby is getting too warm, you can remove the blanket.   

TOG-values are a great guideline; however, every baby is different. You always have to check your baby’s temperature. You can do this by feeling the neck of your baby and determine if the neck is too hot or too cold. As already mentioned, every baby is different so it is really important to keep an eye on the temperature of your baby. After a while, you will know if your baby is quickly warm or quickly cold. Besides checking the temperature, it is important to make your baby’s bed conform the guidelines of safety sleeping.

Your baby can sleep safely at night without getting to hot when checking the room temperature and adding or removing layers of clothes or blankets to get a certain TOG-value. Combine a breathable sleeping bag with only a diaper when it is too hot. When it is getting chilly, you can put on a bodysuit or pajamas underneath the sleeping bag. Or add blankets. However, do not forget to check the temperature of your baby regularly, because every baby is different!

Have a nice summer!

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