24 June 2022

The best Swaddle Clip lifehacks for spring and summer!

Most people think they can only use a Swaddle Clip to attach a muslin cloth to their stroller. Nonsense. Did you know there are countless ways to use the Swaddle Clips? Curious? Continue reading…

Great tip: swaddle clips on the go or during a walk

Combine the Swaddle Clips with a muslin cloth to protect your baby from external stimuli, so your baby can sleep peacefully in the stroller or pram. Make sure you do not cover the pram or maxi cosi completely to prevent overheating and stimulate the circulation of air. You can also use the Swaddle Clips to attach a toy to the pram or Maxi Cosi.

Swaddle clips for at home

In need of a clothespin? Use a Swaddle Clip to hang out the laundry! Are you at home and in need of a hair tie? Use a Swaddle Clip to tie your hair. Very convenient!

Muslin cloths and clips on holiday

Even if you’re going on a trip to your own backyard or balcony… it’s always convenient to bring a few swaddles and Swaddle Clips! Attach a muslin cloth to your garden chair or use your imagination and build a tent of muslin cloths and Swaddle Clips together with your baby! (You can also do this indoor)

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