19 September 2022

3 ways to use a baby wrap blanket

Do you want to give your baby a warm and save feeling? A multifunctional wrap blanket is perfect for this. A baby wrap blanket keeps your baby warm while feeding, cuddling or playing in the playpen. There are endless ways to use a wrap blanket. Curious? Continue reading!

Tip: wrap blanket in the Maxi cosi and pram

Are you always struggling to get your baby’s tiny arms into their jacket? A wrap blanket is a perfect replacement for a baby jacket when going outside. Due to the handy openings, the wrap blanket is suitable for the Maxi Cosi and other car seats with a 3 or 5 point harness. This means your baby can sleep comfortable in their pram, carrycot or Maxi Cosi.

Super soft and comfortable

Are you planning on visiting the dispensary with your newborn baby soon? A multifunctional wrap blanket is perfect to use during your postpartum period and after. It keeps your baby nice and warm. For extra comfort or warmth, you can adjust the hood with the cords. The breathable rib velours prevents your baby from overheating.


You can not only use a wrap blanket to keep your baby warm, but also as a playmat for your baby or soft blanket for tummy time. You can unfold the baby wrap easily.

Gift a baby wrap blanket

A wrap blanket is not only nice to have yourself, but also to give. It is a perfect gift for young parents because it’s very multifunctional. Because be honest, you don’t want anything more than a baby that feels safe and comfortable? Discover our baby wrap blanket gift box.

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