1 May 2021

Best tips for quality time with your baby

As a mom, life can be very busy, so it’s important to take some extra time for yourself and your baby. Take some time off and schedule some quality time to relax together with your baby. These tips will help you and your baby enjoy a relaxing day full of tranquillity and serenity.

Get some fresh air with your baby

Firstly, go for a nice walk outside together with your baby. You can carry your baby close to your heart in a baby wrap. You can use most baby wraps immediately after birth. Wearing your baby in a baby wrap is the best way to bond with your baby, because your baby is feeling safe and comfortable in the baby wrap that you wear close to your body.

A relaxing bath

Unwind in a lovely warm bath. Wash your baby with a baby wash cloth made of soft cotton. Dry your baby after taking a bath with a soft swaddle. Due to the open knitted structure, swaddles are absorbent and quick drying. Perfect after taking a bath! Rub some baby oil onto your baby’s skin to make it extra soft.

Cuddle and snuggle

Keep your baby warm after taking a bath with a soft hooded baby towel. Dress your baby in a soft baby bodysuit. Now it’s time to cuddle! Snuggle up with your baby on the couch or bed. You can also give your baby a soft plush toy (which smells like you) to cuddle with in their crib.

Create a night time routine with your baby

Now it’s time for bed. Change your baby into something a little warmer, like a baby sleeping bag, before going to sleep. You can also add a baby blanket. Get your baby even more relaxed and sleepy by reading a bed time story to your baby. Now you and your baby can drift off to dreamland!

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