1 May 2020

4 original baby room decor ideas and inspiration

Your baby belly is growing and you might even know if you’re expecting a baby boy or girl. Have you thought about how you want to decorate your baby room yet? A lot of parents enjoy decorating their baby nursery, but usually don’t know where to start. That’s why we provide you 4 ideas to help you get started designing your nursery!


Blue fish print

Looking for a peaceful colour? Opt for different shades of blue. The colour blue is a gentle, neutral shade, mostly used for baby boy rooms, but also suitable for baby girl rooms. Pair this popular colour with grey shades for a varied look, still keeping the peace. Do you want to give your baby room a special ‘touch’? Add a nice print, like our Fish Print, to brighten things up.


Eye-catching green

Do you prefer eye-catching colours? Go for this special turquoise shade. Turquoise is a fun and bright colour, suitable for both baby boy and baby girl rooms. Turquoise is easy to combine with pale green and white shades. Turquoise stands for relaxation and tranquillity, perfect for a nursery!


Pink fish print

Are you expecting a baby girl? Go for pink, the colour of love. Dusty pink is fun to combine with furniture and accessories made of natural materials such as wood, wool and cork. Add dark pink shades to light pink shades for a cute baby girl room. You can also mix pink with other colours for a playful effect.


Adventurous yellow ochre

Looking for a happy and cheerful shade for your baby bedroom? Choose yellow ochre: a bright and sunny colour that brings energy to the baby room. Yellow is an edgy colour, but very easy to combine with serene colours. Yellow stands for fantasy and can be seen in modern nursery rooms. Make sure you don’t overdo  it. Combine yellow shades with white and grey or even burgundy shades to create a trendy and stylish baby room.

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