30 September 2020

Practical tips for decorating the nursery

Your baby is growing in your belly and you probably already know if you are getting a boy or girl. Do you already decide what you want to buy for the furnish of the nursery? Many parents like to furnish the baby nursery. However, it can be stressful as well. We will give you 3 practical tips for a beautiful and practical nursery.

Tip 1: Buy multifunctional products

Babies grow very fast, so, some products you use in a short amount of time. Due to the versatility of some products, you can use products a lot longer. Think about a dresser which you can use as a closet, or a play mat which you can use as a wrap blanket in the travel cot or car seat. Pay attention with buying an expensive cot, because you can only use it for a few months. A crib or grow-up bed is a good investment, because you can use them for several years.

Tip 2: Choose neutral

Most parents choose decoration which is a little too childish and which will bore after one or two years. That is a pity! The simple solution is to choose neutral decoration. Don’t be too mad about wallpaper and cartoon figures. If you choose a neutral base, you can always cheer up the nursery with lovely printed changing pad covers, accessories, picture frames, soft toys and other decoration.

Tip 3: Think practical

Think before you furnish your nursery, about the practical things like changing diapers and dressing your baby. Make sure you can easily reach these products from the dresser. When you are right-handed it is best to place the products on the right. This way, you will avoid dangerous situations, which will occur when you need to take a romper from the other side of the room, while your baby is jiggling on the changing pad.