5 July 2019

Top 5 breezy items to keep your baby cool in summer

Are you going on a summer vacation soon? Lucky you! With Lodger's Summer Top 5, your baby will be cool when it is warm. All summer essentials are made of hydrophilic cotton so they are breezy and light. Perfect to pack in your suitcase or to use at home.  

1. Summer sleeping bag

Is your baby restless when it is warm? Use a breezy sleeping bag made of hydrophilic cotton. With a TOG rating of 0,5 our sleeping bag is extremely thin and makes sure your baby can sleep safe and sound when it is warm during the day and at night. 

Lodger Hopper summer sleeping bag


2. Swaddle muslin with Swaddle Clips

Protect your baby from direct sunlight while napping in the pushchair by loosely draping a swaddle between the canopy and handle bar of your stroller. Attach the Swaddle with handy Swaddle Clips. Always make sure that you don’t cover the complete carrycot and that there is enough fresh air. On very hot days, use an umbrella to prevent overheating. Also, make sure to protect your baby by using sunscreen with SPF.

Lodger Swaddler and Swaddle Clips


3. Breathable fitted sheet for the camping cot

When you're on vacation, your baby often sleeps in a rental cot. Bring your own fitted sheet to make sure your baby sleeps in a clean bed. Go for a fitted sheet made of hydrophilic cotton, because it is breathable and it dries quickly. 

Lodger Slumber fitted sheet


4. Soft sleeveless bodysuits

Dress your baby in a breathable bodysuit without sleeves. Our rompers are made of super soft and breathable cotton, which makes them extremely comfortable for your baby. 

Lodger Romper sleeveless baby bodysuit


5. Comfortable baby wrap made of soft cotton

A baby wrap is perfect to pack when you're going on vacation. You can move freely, also in placed that are hard to reach which a stroller or pram. The cotton feels very soft and is gentle for your armpits and the knee cavities of your baby. This stimulates the comfort of babywearing. 

Lodger Cocooner cotton baby wrap