28 March 2023

Discover the ultimate baby summer must-haves from Lodger

After months of rain and cold, the sun is finally there. Summer is coming, so it’s time to get ready for the warm summer days and nights with your baby. Especially for newborns it might be difficult to choose which sleeping bag or bodysuit you need. That is why we have listed our top summer must-haves for your newborn! Read more...

The must-have for summer: breathable summer sleeping bag

The must-have for this summer is a breathable summer sleeping bag. Our summer sleeping bags are made of 100% knitted cotton, which is very absorbent and breathable. Besides, a baby sleeps better in a 0.3 or 0.5 TOG summer sleeping bag. The knitted cotton is very absorbent which provides a comfortable and cool sleep.

Breathable newborn clothing set

A newborn cannot completely regulate their own body temperature. So, dress your baby in a clothes made of breathable and flexible knitted cotton. Choose bodysuits with a foldover design or go for a absorbent jumpsuit. Our clothing are easy to dress your baby when it's warm.

Multifunctional swaddles and swaddle clips

Are you familiar with muslin swaddles? Swaddles are 100% knitted cotton cloths, which are very convenient to use in summer. Think about something and you could probably use a swaddle with it. These swaddles are very convenient in summer because you can replace a blanket with a very thin blanket. Or protect your baby from the sun while walking, sitting in the garden or breastfeeding in public.

Absorbing fitted sheets and changing pad covers

Is it very warm in the nursery? Breathable fitted sheets and changing covers are perfect to use due to their material. Knitted cotton is very absorbent and feels breathable, which prevents your baby from getting warm. Also, knitted cotton feels cool and doesn’t get too warm.

What is your top summer must-have for your newborn?

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