17 May 2023

The top 5 newborn must-haves

As a future mom (or dad) you are quite busy with preparing and buying everything before the baby arrives. On the internet you can find many baby registry lists with all products you need to purchase. The question is, what truly do you need to give your baby the best start of life? To help you, we have made a top 5 list of all necessary items that you definitely need.

Swaddler + Clips

You might have no idea what muslin squares are yet, but you will realise that you cannot live without when your baby has arrived. Muslin squares are blankets that can be used for everything! Use the swaddles as burp cloth, towel, blanket, swaddle blanket, wrap blanket, bib or playmat. Muslin squares are made of one layer of 100% muslin cotton, which provides a very breathable, soft and absorbent comfort. Combine the muslin squares with swaddle clips and you have even more ways to use them!

Wrap-around bodysuit

Bodysuits are a true necessity on the baby registry list. Use bodysuits just as clothing or underneath a pajama, sleeping bag or clothes. Choose from bodysuits with snap buttons and a foldover design, this way you do not have to put something over the head.

Newborn sleeping bag

A newborn sleeping bag is specially designed for newborn babies. The skin of a newborn is very sensitive, so that is why our sleeping bag is made of super soft knitted cotton. Knitted cotton makes the fabric very absorbent and flexible. The newborn sleeping bag features scratch mittens, which makes it difficult for newborns to scratch themselves while sleeping.

Soft changing pad cover for extra comfort

Choose a changing pad cover that is made of 100% knitted cotton. Knitted cotton makes the cover soft, breathable and absorbent. Also, the middle part is extra absorbent due to the double layered cotton. Very convenient when your baby has a little accident while dressing.

Cotton slippers

To prevent your baby from having cold feet, you definitely need baby slippers. Choose flexible slippers made of cotton, fleece or leather. It is important that the baby slippers stay on, this way the baby feet always stay protected and warm. 

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