23 March 2023

A restless baby who can’t fall asleep? Try swaddling

Does it takes ages before your baby falls asleep or is he awake all night because he hits himself? Perhaps you could try to swaddle your baby, this helps your baby sleep well at night. Read more about the benefits of swaddling.

It’s a fact that newborns do not have total control of their own body yet. This is why babies can wildly move their little arms and legs. This can cause indifficulties with falling asleep or they wake themselves up with their mowing arms.

When you first become a parent it is already though to wake up several times at night. Not to mention when your baby cannot fall asleep anymore or doesn’t sleep at all anymore. Swaddling your baby can be the solution. You can swaddle your baby with a swaddling sleeping bag or a swaddle blanket.

The benefits of swaddling

To swaddle your baby has many benefits. First of all, it is a handy tool to help your baby fall asleep. When babies are swaddled up they feel more secure and safe. Another benefit is to stop their little arms and legs from moving so wildly. When babies are born they do not know what arms and legs are, let alone know where to use it for. That is why most babies are wildly moving their arms and legs. Lastly, try swaddling when you have a crybaby. However, always consult a doctor when your baby still keeps crying, there might be another medical reason. Also, pay attention that babies only sleep when they are actually tired. When you wait too longer, they might be over it. So, swaddling doesn’t make sense when they are not that tired anymore.


Always consult your maternity help, midwife or doctor when you want to start with swaddling. Also, pay attention that you need to decrease the swaddling when your baby turns 4 months. Babies learn how to move when they are between 4 and 6 months, especially to roll on their belly. It can be really dangerous when your baby is swaddled up and it rolls onto the belly. They cannot go back themselves and that can cause suffocation. You need to stop swaddling completely when your baby is 6 months. However, every baby has their own development, so keep paying attention to your baby. And start decreasing swaddling when they begin to move. Do not stop from one day to another, but step-by-step. Otherwise it will result in sleepless nights.

There are different ways to swaddle your baby, you can use a swaddle sleeping bag or a muslin blanket. At Lodger we have swaddle sleeping bags and muslin blankets. Pay attention to tie up the little arms, but leave a little room for their legs to move.

Swaddle with a swaddle sleeping bag

The Bundler is a swaddle sleeping bag, which is specially designed for swaddling your baby. So, it is really easy to use the sleeping bag. The swaddle sleeping bag is made of very soft cotton. This results in a very breathable sleeping bag, which is perfect for hot summer days. The Bundler is available in several trendy prints.

Swaddle with a muslin blanket

You can also swaddle your baby with a muslin blanket. Our XL Swaddlers are perfect for swaddling. The cloths are very breatable and perfect for warm temperatures. You do not have to worry anymore that your baby will be overheated. It takes some practice to use a muslin blanket, but just try it a few times and you will be a professional. Watch our step by step instruction video here.

Muslin blankets are available in many colors and prints.

To swaddle your baby is a handy tool to make sure your baby sleeps safe and sound. Not only your baby will have a great night’s sleep, you will too! Keep paying attention to the development of your baby and stop swaddling when it is necessary. Otherwise it will be too dangerous.

Do you prefer to swaddle with the Bundler or the Swaddler?


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