24 June 2022

Top 5 baby essentials for summer that every parent need

Summer is coming! Do you know what baby essentials you need for your baby? We have listed baby essentials that you definitely need for your baby. Read more...

The must-haves for every parent: lightweight sleeping bag

Do you already have a sleeping bag? The must-have for a spring or summer baby is a breathable lightweight sleeping bag. Our baby sleeping bags are made of knitted cotton which is very absorbent and breathable. This will ensure your baby a great sleep in a thin summer sleeping bag. The cotton absorbs sweat on summer nights which provices a comfortable night’s rest. Read more about all facts of muslin sleeping bags!

Handy muslin blanket

A muslin blanket is made of 100% cotton which is flexible, breathable, absorbent and usable in many ways. Read more about how to use Swaddles. For example, protect your baby with a muslin blanket from the sun during a walk on a sunny day. Always make sure to not completely cover the stroller and choose a parasol instead of a blanket when it is really warm. This prevents overheating. Make sure to always cover your baby in sun screen with UV protection.

Bloomers for summer

Is it hot today? Dress your baby in a bodysuit with a bloomer. These shorts are very breathable and absorbent due to the cotton. This way, your baby doesn't get too warm easily. Also, the comfortable fit provides enough space to move around which makes it comfortable for your baby to play. This is the perfect outfit for summer.

Breathable bodysuits for warm temperatures

As a parent, you can never have enough bodysuits. A bodysuit with short or long sleeves? Make sure to have both bodysuits made of 100% knitted cotton. Knitted cotton provides an absorbent and breathable comfort. This makes cotton the best choice to choose for your baby. Besides, cotton is a flexible material which provides a great fit.

Perfect hooded towel for at home and on vacation

A baby hooded towel always comes in very handy. Use them at home after a bath or on vacation after a swim. With a reversible hooded towel your baby dries quickly and your baby stays comfortable. Besides, a hooded towel does not take up much room, because they are lightweight and compact. Our hooded towel features holes. which makes the towel usable in maxi cosi, car seat or buggy.

What is your ultimate baby essential for summer?