14 June 2022

The best baby clothing for the summer

Summer is coming! If you stay at home, go to the beach or maybe go on vacation: always make sure your baby is dressed light and breathable. There is so much choice in baby clothing, which makes it difficult to determine what baby clothes are the best for summer. In this blog we will give you some tips for essential baby clothing pieces for your baby. Curious? Read more...

Cotton baby bloomer with cute print

A bloomer is a cute short which can be worn with a bodysuit or dress. The bloomers are made of knitted cotton, which makes them very breathable, absorbent and stretchy. The stretchy material provides a comfortable fit that gives your baby enough space to move around. No tight shorts, just a breathable and comfortable bloomer for the summer!

Breathable bodysuits made of muslin cotton

Did you know that your baby can wear a bodysuit just as clothing? Especially in summer is this a great idea due to the cotton material. Muslin cotton provides a breathable, absorbent and airy comfort. This way, your baby doesn’t get too warm too fast, for example it absorbs sweat which keeps your baby cool. Depending on the temperature, you can build up layers. For example, combine a short sleeve bodysuit with a bloomer or sleeping bag. When it is really warm you just need one layer, so use only a bodysuit.

Baby outfit made of 100% cotton

Do you want a matching outfit for your newborn? Or pants with wrap shirt is perfect for your newborn due to the breathable quality. The knitted cotton gives your baby a nice and comfortable feeling. Of course, you can mix and match with our wraparound bodysuits and bloomers and create a unique outfit.

What is your best baby clothing item for summer?