16 January 2023

Different types of baby shoes and baby slippers

There are multiple types and sizes of baby shoes and baby slippers. Our baby slippers are made of fleece, cotton or leather. We made an overview, so you can pick the best shoes for your baby.

Leather baby booties

Our leather baby booties are very soft and flexible and therefore great to use when your baby is learning to walk. The inside of the leather baby shoes is lined with fleece or leather. The baby booties have a rubber non-slip sole to provide extra safety when your baby is crawling or taking its first steps. The Velcro fastening makes sure the slippers stay on perfectly.



Cotton baby slippers

Our cotton baby slippers are breathable but keep your baby's feet warm at the same time. The outside as well as the inside of the slippers are made of 100% cotton. The cotton baby slippers have a double snap button fastening around the ankles of the baby. From size 6-12 months and up, the slippers have a non-slip sole. This sole recudes the risk of falling when your baby is learning to crawl or walk.



Fleece baby slippers

Our fleece baby slippers are perfect for winter. You can use the fleece slippers at home or when going outside and they have a perfect fit. You can easily put the slippers on due to the loop on the backside in combination with the adjustable velcro strap around the baby’s ankle. The baby slippers are made of soft fleece. The baby shoes have grip soles to reduce the risk of slipping when your baby is learning to crawl or is taking its first steps.



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