Cocooner wrap instructions


Watch the video's for step by step instructions how to knot the Lodger Cocooner baby wrap




The Cocooner is a comfortable 100% cotton baby wrap, which streches in one direction. You can use the Cocooner from birth on until approximately 18 months (minimum 3,5 kg, maximum 12 kg) as a horizontal baby wrap carrier. As soon as your baby can sit up straight, you can use the Cocooner as a hip carrier (maximum 12kg, approximately 18 months). Babywearing will make your life easier and it has a possitive effect on your baby's physical and emotional development. 

Below you will find the instructions for the Pocket Wrap Cross Carry (PWCC) knot 

Step by step instructions

  1. Hold the baby wrap in front of you. Use the label as a reference point for the centre. Pull the tails backwards. 
  2. Cross the baby wrap behind you on your back and pull the tails over your shoulders to the front.
  3. Fold the wrap on the side where the baby will be, this creates some sort of hammock.
  4. Cross the wrap over your abdomen and pull the tails of the wrap under the band. The tail where the baby will be should be at the bottom.
  5. Pull the tails backwards.
  6. Make a firm reef knot on the backside.
  7. Drop the shoulder band (the top one, where the baby will not be) down.
  8. Put the baby in fetal position against your chest with your hand underneath its bottom and the pulled up feet. Lower the baby into the opened shoulder band.
  9. Spread the fabric of the shoulder band over the back and shoulders of the baby as high as possible. Keep supporting your baby.
  10. Repeat this with the other shoulder band, that you are now wearing again.
  11. Finally the band for the belly. By pulling up the shoulder bands and belly band as high as possible, the baby gets good support for the neck musscles.
  12. The baby can sleep against your chest or look around when it is a bit bigger.



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