1 September 2019

What is the difference between a Bunker and Mini Bunker?

The Bunker and Mini Bunker are both universal footmuffs that you can use every season. The Bunker is double-layered, which makes the footmuff adjustable to the temperature outside. The Bunker fits in almost every stroller or buggy with a 3- or 5-point belt. The fleece inner layer is really soft and warm and the polyester outside protects your baby from the cold, wind and is water-repellent. Do you have a baby in the age of 6 months to 3 years? Choose the Bunker, it will fit your baby perfectly!

The Mini Bunker is a smaller footmuff, specially designed for car seat or Maxi Cosi. Due to the unique design of the footmuff, it can be adjusted with the drawstrings to the size of the baby’s head, which helps your baby to maintain its body temperature. The Mini Bunker has a zipper all around so you can easily detach the upper layer on warm days and attach the layer on colder days. The Mini Bunker can be used from birth up to 12 months.



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