6 April 2021

Baby nursery theme: Nature rules

Babies love calming spaces. Why don’t you choose a nursery with a calming and light coloured theme? We’d love this! In this blog we want to inspire you with our beautiful nursery theme: Nature Rules

White for a nursery?

On the internet you will find many nursery themes in blue and pink. Or animal prints and circus themes, which creates chaos in the nursery. Perfect if you love this, but if you don’t choose beautiful light colours for the nursery. Off-white, white beige radiate calmness and are very usable in a baby nursery.

Base with light colours

For the base you can choose an off-white wall and a light coloured floor. Choose Oak wood furniture and rattan decorations. Finish the nursery with white, beige and brown textile items like a baby blanket, changing pad cover, fitted sheet en swaddles. Do you think it is too white? Use an item with a coloured print, this will create a more playful effect.


Do you find it difficult to determine what nursery theme you want to use? Our tip is to create a moodboard! You can do this in the old fashioned way. Together with daddy to be or friends you can go through all magazines and cut out the things you like. Glue it to a large paper and you have created your moodboard. You also could do this online. Go to Pinterest and Instagram and printscreen what you love. Put it in a document and print. For more inspiration take a look at our baby nursery inspiration page.

Style tip: Our colours Cloud Dancer, Ivory and Birch fits perfectly in this nursery theme. These colours and prints match perfectly together and give that unique feeling. To add a bit more colour but still keep it quiet, use Honey and Caramel.