12 March 2020

What is a newborn sleeping bag?

A newborn sleeping bag is specially designed for newborn babies. A newborn sleeping bag can be used directly from birth until your baby is about 4 months. A newborn sleeping bag is perfect for babies in size 50, 56 and 62.

Newborn sleeping bag with integrated mittens

Sleeping bags for newborns have integrated mittens, so your baby won't scratch itself. The mittens keep your baby's hands nice and warm. Fold the sleeves of the newborn sleeping bag size 50/62 to reveal the mittens.

Newborn sleeping bag fit

Newborn sleeping bags are specially designed to fit perfectly around your babies tiny body. A newborn sleeping bag that fits perfectly is one of the safest types of bedding for your baby. Due to the perfect fit, the sleeping bag is safe in use. Newborn babies will feel comfortable and safe.

Types of newborn sleeping bags

Hydrophillic newborn sleeping bag: made of breathable and absorbing hydrophillic cotton with a 0,5 TOG-value.

4 seasons newborn baby sleeping bag: perfect for every season in size 50/62 with a 2,3 TOG-value.

Winter baby sleeping bag: warm sleeping bag in size 50/62 with a 3,3 TOG-value.


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