1 September 2019

My baby’s first baby shoes

Your baby's first steps are a huge milestone! Your baby it getting bigger and the baby feet should have the freedom to move and develop. For the development of your baby’s muscles, it is adviced to let your baby walk on its bare feet, but this is often too cold.

Let your baby wear soft and flexible shoes that can bend in every direction. For your baby's safety, it is very important to purchase baby shoes or slippers with non-slip soles. This prevents your baby from falling or slipping.

In addition, you don't want to lose your baby’s shoes every other hour. That’s why you should purchase slippers with a Velcro fastening or a double snap button fastening around the ankles so they fit perfectly around your baby’s feet and ankles.

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  • Liv

    Mom & Online Marketeer at Lodger. Loves to share baby tips, tricks and information with other parents :)