Useful babylist

Lodger has a large collection of carefully designed baby textiles for every babylist: products needed for your newborn. Our collection includes bodysuits, jumpsuits, baby hats, baby slippers, scratch mittens and much more.

Made from 100% organic cotton, our products offer the perfect combination of softness and warmth to keep your baby cosy and content all day long. Choose your favourite for your baby essentials list now!

Baby Essentials

Baby essentials make life special for you and your baby. Our baby essentials focus on convenience, protection and pure softness. Lodger products ensure your baby is comfortable and can grow lovingly and safely.

Baby Essentials: this is what you need

Baby essentials are indispensable for anyone expecting or recently having a baby. They are important items to make a newborn's first few months smooth, safe and comfortable. What exactly do you need? Useful bodysuits from lodger, outerwear, jumpsuit, baby slippers, muslin swaddles, scratch mittens, wrap blankets, fitted sheets, blankets, and sleeping bags. Discover all Lodger newborn essentials here and find your baby essentials list together!