Swaddles 120x120 cm

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Big muslin blanket in size 120x120 cm

The big muslin blankets from Lodger are very well-known. These muslin blankets comes in handy when you are having a newborn baby. Also, in the years after you definitely need muslin blankets, because they are so versatile. View here our full collection.

Soft XL muslin squares with Oeko-Tex quality label

When you have a baby or a walking toddler, a XL muslin square comes in very handy. A muslin square is made of 100% knitted cotton, which makes the cloth very strong, soft, absorbent and lightweight. Our muslin squares have the quality label 'confidence in textiles' (Oeko-Tex). So, your baby can safely munch on the muslin squares.

The baby product you need to purchase: large muslin cloth

You can use a large muslin cloths as towel, burp cloth, blanket or swaddle blanket. Or use as washing cloth for extra grip in the shower. You can never have enough large muslin cloths.