Fill in the details below to request a personal return number. Thereafter, you will get an e-mail with instructions. Send the package stating the personal return number back to Lodger within 14 days. Subsequently, after we receive the returned product we will return the money within 7 days or send you the desired product.

Order replacement product
We offer a special service to exchange lodger products for free once, when the product has a wrong size or color. (please, pay attention: there may be a price difference). Fill in below which product you wish to receive. We will ship the product replacement as soon as we have processed your return.

May you need the product immediately? We advise you to request a voucher, so, you can place a new order with the desired product. You can only use this service when you wish to receive the same product. Also, there is always a possibility to exchange products in our Showroom in Woerden. If the desired product is not available, please contact us. Read here more about return conditions. (link).

Use the correct order number
We use the order number to be able to retrieve your order. The order number can be found in the confirmation email of your order. See the example below:

Return form

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