Comfort & quality

Comfort & quality

This is how we do it

Most of Lodger products are knitted. Lodger has chosen for this because knitted fabrics have many advantages over non knitted fabrics.
Knitted fabrics are warmer than woven fabrics. By a using a loose knit, the fabric keeps the heat well and a high air permeability is created.

Knitwear fabrics are durable and wear less, through which the product retains its quality and appearance. Furthermore, knitwear is elastic and resilient which makes it feel comfortable when worn, keeps the shape of the products and makes them less susceptible to creasing.

This is why we use it

Polyester fleece is known for its super-soft property. It’s not for nothing that it’s called fleece. By giving the loose knit polyester fabric a special washing treatment, it obtains its soft, comfortable property. Polyester fleece takes up only 1% of its weight in water and is quick drying.
Which means you can also easily stand up to a rain shower.

In addition, the high air permeability ensures that the fabric breathes and perspiration is removed. Due to this, your child doesn’t quickly get too hot. Polyester fleece is lightweight and does not shrink, even when washed at high temperature. On top of this Lodger polyester fleece keeps its appearance because it doesn’t pill.


De 4 seizoenen slaapzak voor je baby is te gebruiken in meerdere seizoenen door de afritsbare mouwen

en binnenlaag. Het zachte katoen van de slaapzak geeft het je baby een veilig en geborgen gevoel.