Lodger makes life easygoing

Lodger makes life for young parents Easygoing. Lodger products are developed with the greatest care to offer optimal comfort and sense of security for home and travel, for which safety (and mobility) are the prime focus.

Reddot design award 2012 Child innovation award 2011 Baby innovation award 2012 Baby innovation award 2007 Red dot design award 2014 Grand Prix German Design Award '14 ZLOTY-BRZUSZEK 2014 reddot Design Award 2016


  • Carrying Consultant Marjolein shares her experiences with the Lodger Cocooner
    Carrying Consultant Marjolein shares her experiences with the Lodger Cocooner

    "The baby wrap is so soft it doesn’t cut into my armpits or neck. Also it is easy to tie and not too warm so it’s comfortable to wear inside."  Babywearing consultant Marjolein reviewed the Lodger Cocooner and shares her experiences here.

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  • Meet our cuddly toy: Fuzzy
    Meet our cuddly toy: Fuzzy
    Do you know our cuddly toy already? He's incredibly soft and very cute. Available in a large and a small version. It turned out to be one of the best-selling products during the Nine Months Fair (Negenmaandenbeurs) this February. Many grandmothers and future fathers secretly bought Fuzzy as a gift... read more
  • Sprinkle & Honeycomb collection available from February 20
    Sprinkle & Honeycomb collection available from February 20

    The "Sprinkle & Honeycomb collection" is the latest addition to the cotton At Home product range of Lodger. With this extensive collection of nursery textiles and accessories you can make the best nursery from scratch on. From soft and warm blankets to sleeping bags and fresh hydrophilic Swaddle cloths, all can be combined...

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  • Lookbook Fall/Winter
    Lookbook Fall/Winter
    We would like to inspire you with our Fall/Winter collection. Have a look and click the 'read more button'... read more
    Follow the 'read more' link and take a peak of our Scandinavian collection 2016-2017!... read more
  • Lodger at Kind + Jugend
    Lodger at Kind + Jugend
    We will show our new collections at Kind + Jugend Our Fall/Winter collection in a trendy diamond print with a super soft lining  with a waterproof breathable layer. Soft Scandinavian colors in fleece, which is nice to combine with existing collections. We also come with a sparkling new... read more
  • Lodger declared as a winner of the Red Dot Award
    Lodger declared as a winner of the Red Dot Award
    Lodger announces that its product "Bunker Explorer" for the third time in a row, have won a price in one of the world's largest design competitions. The Red Dot Award is a competition in which there are winners annually in different categories awarded for the most innovative and forward thinking... read more
  • NEW LookBook Spring/Summer 2016
    NEW LookBook Spring/Summer 2016
    Our NEW LookBook Spring/Summer 2016 is online! A great view about our brand new products.... read more
  • Lodger “knit” even more for all little ones New!
    Lodger “knit” even more for all little ones New!
    Lodger “knit” even more for all little ones New! Lodger hydrophilic Solid collection with bibs, fitted sheets and big and small hydrofiphilic swaddle-cloths. Because of the enormous positive response to our hydrophilic knit collection of multifunctional clothes we are ready for... read more
  • "Limited Edition"
    "Limited Edition" - Ultimate soft, airy and breathable cotton to cuddle up ... super trendy black and white version   Black & White Are you already aware of the latest trends and do you dare? Your nursery and/or childroom only in black and white? Tough but it combines well with pink or... read more

This is how we do it

Attention: All lodger products are knitted!

All products of Lodger are knitted. Lodger makes this choice because knitted fabrics have many advantages compared to non-knitted textile fabrics. Knitted fabrics are warmer than woven fabrics. By knitting in a loose manner, the fabric retains the warmth well and high air permeability is formed.

Knitwear is durable and there is less wear and tear, which allows the product to maintain its quality and appearance. In addition, knitwear is elastic and resilient which feels comfortable during wearing and allows the products to retain shape and be less susceptible to creasing.

Lodger makes life easygoing