The Lodger 4 Season sleeping bag offers year-round comfort with a 3.5 TOG value. The innovative design consists of two separate baby sleeping bags: a summer sleeping bag with a lightweight 0.3 TOG and a baby winter sleeping bag with a cozy 3.2 TOG. These can easily be zipped together for an optimal fit. Made from 100% high-quality, breathable cotton for optimal air circulation and safety, meets the highest standards.

Thanks to the adjustable bottom, this Lodger baby sleeping bag can be used for all season sleeping bag, from size 68 to 98 (3 years). The simple, sturdy snaps make it easy to shorten or length the all seasons sleeping bag. This makes it a sustainable purchase that grows with your child from baby to toddler. The continuous zipper makes it easy to change your baby and take it with you in a maxi cosi or car seat. And because the quality of our products remains so high, you can even pass on the sleepingbag four season to siblings