Newborn, baby and toddler tips and inspiration

Lodger offers a lot of tips and inspiration to provide you with good information about the layette, sleeping better, de best babyclothing materials, TOG values and more. What is good to know for your newborn baby? Useful tips for spring and summer

Baby Nursery

Babies need a soothing environment to unwind. A calming and light coloured theme for your nursery can help. Read our blog about our nursery theme Nature Rules to get inspiration.

Top 5 baby essentials

Spring en summer are coming. Do you know what essentials you need for your baby? We have listed 5 baby essentials that every parent needs.

TOG values

Is your child too hot or too cold? When the weather is changing, the TOG value shows how much warmth the item gives. Check the TOG value of sleeping bags, pajama's, bodysuits or jumpsuits. Read more about TOG.

Good night

When it gets warmer, your baby can sweat. With a thinner sleeping bag or lighter sleeping clothes you can prevent this. The TOG value indicates how warm a sleeping bag or garment is. Is it time to use an airy hydrophilic sleeping bag of 0.5 TOG? Check our spring sleeping bags!

Benefits smart baby clothing

A baby bodysuit makes dressing and changing your baby better and easier. Not only for yourself, but also for your baby. Discover all benefits of baby bodysuits size 50-80 and other smart baby clothing!


Swaddling is a handy tool to let your restless baby sleep better and longer. When you swaddle, you wrap your baby in a muslin cloth from shoulder to toe. Read more about it.


The light, airy and soft material makes hydrophilic cloths or swaddles ideal for spring and summer. You can use them in many different ways at home and on the go. The cloths take up little space and weigh almost nothing. Perfect for in your suitcase or diaper bag. Read more.