25 March 2021

Baby nursery theme: Vintage Dream

Born in a vintage dream.. this says it all. It sounds sweet, cute and beautiful. Today we will share our themed baby nursery with theme: a vintage dream. Read more…

Decorating a baby nursery is a fun activity for moms and dads who expect a baby. By playing with trends and your own taste, you can easily create a personal and unique nursery. If you love pastels like pink, beige and white, this theme is perfect for you.

Is a pink baby nursery boring?

Who says that pink is boring and cliché? It might not change into a unisex colour however, you can go many ways with a pink colour. In combination with rattan and wood accents you can easily create a real vintage themed nursery. You do not have to spend alot on vintage furniture. If you look closely you might find second hand vintage furniture for great prices. Vintage accessories and furniture give a unique touch to the baby nursery.

Neutral base

The key for a true vintage themed nursery is using a base in a soft colour. Combine this colour with beautiful vintage furniture and accessories. In this nursery we have used a soft pink colour as base and combined this with a white vintage crib and rattan accessories. The baby nursery gives that quiet feel because of the combination with different pink colours.

Style tip: Our cotton Ciumbelle Collection fits perfectly in this theme due to the waffle structure and soft colours. Mix our colours Tan, Linen, Cloud Dancer, Sensitive and Rosewood with rattan and white accents for a soft and quiet look.

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