"Carry like a kangaroo" and discover the world together with your baby

Whether you are taking your kids to the zoo or you go on a vacation with your family, carry your baby close in baby wrap and discover the world together. Carry your baby close to your heart with the Cocooner baby wrap and you will always have your hands free. Very convenient when you are travelling with more children. Also, it is a lot easier to walk the Spanish Steps in Rome with a baby carrier instead of a pram or stroller. 


Excellent baby wrap for travelling
  • Fits easily in your suitcase
  • Light and breathable 100% hydrophilic cotton
  • Provides mobility, also on places which are difficult to visit with a pram
  • Convenient when boarding and on the airplane
  • Easy travelling with public transport




Comfortable for you and your baby

  1. Excellent support for your back because of the wide and soft ties
  2. Comfortable for the carrier and the baby
  3. Soft edges for the knee cavities of your baby
  4. Ergonomic M-posture
  5. Great head support


Ergonomic baby wrap

The Cocooner stimulates the ergonomic posture of babies. Babies automatically take a natural pose in the baby sling. The baby will immediately get in the ergonomic M-position because of the great support of the bottom, legs and knee cavities. 


Hybrid baby carrier

The Cocooner is a hybrid baby sling, which means it combines the benefits of a woven baby wrap and a stretchy baby wrap. The wrap is made of double layered cotton, which fits perfectly around your body, just like a woven baby carrier. The knitted cotton is stretchy lengthwise but doesn't stretch in the width. That results in the benefit that you can adjust the baby wrap to your body and your partner's body. This makes the Cocooner an all-in-one ergonomic baby carrier.



  Close to your heart

Newborns wants to see, feel and smell their parents because it will give them a safe and trusted feeling.

In the first months physical contact is very important. Skin to skin contact will help bonding with your child. This will have a positive influence on physical, intellectual and emotional development of your child. Of course, you can not carry your baby in your arms the whole day, but you can carry your baby close to you in a baby wrap. A baby carrier provides the perfect connection between parent and baby and stimulates bonding.

Lizet Greve, mom of Zoë and Vic: "It's so nice to have your baby close to you but also have your hands free. Which is necesarry if you have an active toddler running around ;)". 


Easy to use, also for beginners

The Cocooner is easy to knot. You can knot and practise the knotting technique with us by watching our Youtube videos. Practise in front of a mirror and you will soon get the hang of it. Before you know it, you will be in a zoo, parking place or in the middle of a restaurant knotting the baby wrap without a problem.

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