15 April 2023

10 interesting facts about muslin baby sleeping bags

Did you know that a muslin baby sleeping bag has a high level of air permeability to make sure your baby won’t get too hot? Baby sleeping bags are thin, breathable and soft due to the open structure of knitted cotton. Such a lightweight sleeping bag is perfect to give your baby the best sleep in the summer. Read more to get to know more about the muslin sleeping bag.

1. Use a breathable and airy summer sleeping bag to protect your baby from getting overheated when it is hot.

2. In summer, adults often sleep underneath thin sheets. However, your baby can kick off the blanket or slip underneath it, with the risk of suffocation. That is why it is important to choose a sleeping bag with a perfect fit. If it is possible for your baby to slither down to the bottom, it can cause distress and risk of suffocation. So, choose a muslin baby sleeping bag that fits perfectly around the arms and neck. This will give ultimate comfort to your baby.

3. Cotton baby sleeping bags with a TOG-value of 0.5 are the most thin and breathable sleeping bags ever. That is why they are so perfect for hot summer days and nights! Want to know more about TOG-values? And curious what TOG exactly means? Read more about TOG-values here.

4. It is sensible to choose a summer sleeping bag that is made of knitted cotton. You probably think that knitted cotton is too hot and only usable in winter. However, knitted cotton materials tend to be very cool and breathable. Due to the open knitted structure the sleeping bag is airy and absorbent.

5. Did you know that knitted sleeping bags are super soft? In contrary to woven muslin sleeping bags, you do not need to wash the knitted baby sleeping bag as much to make it soft. The skin of your baby is delicate and therefore you only want to use the softest materials. Baby sleeping bags made of knitted cotton are extremely soft.

6. Did you know that your newborn can sleep in a sleeping bag made of cotton muslin directly after birth? Choose a sleeping bag without sleeves or a special designed sleeping bag with long sleeves and anti-scratch mittens.

7. Hydrophilic means water-loving in Greek. Hydrophilic fabric absorbs water very well which makes the sleeping bag absorbent and quick-drying. Perfect! Hydrophilic cotton is also used a synonym for muslin cotton.

8. A baby summer sleeping bag is very lightweight. They weigh 200 grams, so perfect to take with you in your suitcase when you go on holiday.

9. A lightweight sleeping bag is not only suitable in summer but also in fall and spring. Depending on the season, you can combine the sleeping bag with a long sleeve or short sleeve bodysuit. Of course you can combine the sleeping bag with a blanket and pajama.

10. Besides the soft fabric, the zipper is also very important. How great is it to open the zipper all the way down? Perfect for nighttime changes.


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