4 April 2020

Go outside with your baby and feel relaxed with these 5 must-haves

Sun is shining and the trees are blossoming, spring is finally here! Time to take your baby outside and enjoy the weather together. These 5 musthaves make you feel relaxed when you're on the go with your little one. 

Whether you're going to the zoo, taste new dishes at a foodtruck festival, take a stroll at the beach or walk the dog; carry your baby close in the Cocooner baby wrap. It's not only cosy but also very handy because you have your hands free. 



You can use a wrap blanket at home, but also on the go. Use it in the car seat or instead of a jacket and blanket in the carrycot. And did you know the Wrapper is a perfect picnic blanket when you unfold it?


It's very easy to take your baby straight outside of the car seat. This smaller sized footmuff fits every car seat, like the Maxi Cosi, and it keeps your baby nice and warm when you go outside.


Click your baby into the car seat without taking off the sleeping bag. Due to the divisible zipper, you can make openings for the harness of the car seat. Easy does it!


Does it take forever to get home when you're outside because you lose a baby slipper while walking? We came up with a solution. Our slippers fasten with Velcro. This makes is very easy to put them on, but it's hard for your baby to kick them off.


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